Hi, I'm Megs!

Fun.  Pizza.  Mindset.  Beer.  Life.

Hey, hey, hey! I'm so glad you're here, and you can bet your bottom dollar that I'm pumped AF to start connecting with you! 

Let's start with a few things about me. I love a lot of things, but a few of my top-ranking loves would include: having fun, pizza (light cheese, extra sauce), fitness, ice cold beer (IPAs for the win), and living the best damn life I possibly can. 

There was a time when I didn't think it was possible to have all of those things as part of my life on a consistent basis. HOLY NUTS was I wrong. Like, so wrong. 

On The Edge Of Your Seat? Perfect! Here's The Rest Of The Story...

I've been an athlete my entire life, including most of my college career. After I was done with sports, and life started getting more complicated, I gained about 60 lbs in the course of a year with a steady diet of

Taco Bell and sitting on my ass.

There came a day when I decided enough was enough, and I invested in a nutrition coach and personal trainer - it was super! I lost a good 40lbs...but then gained it all back within a year. That started a cycle of yo-yo dieting and trying to live what I would call a "seasonally fit" life that went on for about 6 years. I was trying to do a lot of it on my own, fueled mostly by willpower. It was a nice effort, but nothing I tried seemed to be the "magic bullet" to get myself to where I wanted to be. 

The Struggle Was Real, But I Had Big Dreams...

I dreamed of being able to enjoy my food, have variety and flexibility, eat pizza & drink beer with my friends, lose the stress about being "the weird healthy one" in social situations, or sacrificing my social life altogether. I wanted to be able to have fun working out without it taking over my life, and enjoy being fit without having to think about it so freaking much.

Sounds like the ultimate dream, doesn't it? 

Well, dreams don't work unless you do. So in 2017, I decided it was time to try something different, and invested in a more intensive nutrition coaching program with Precision Nutrition. The program was a year long, and focused on habit-based, gradual change, with a huge emphasis on mindset and personal development that made all the difference for me. 

After a year in the program, I had lost 30 lbs and, more importantly, gained an entirely new outlook on life. I learned how to take things slow, be kind to myself, have difficult conversations with myself and others, take control over my own choices, and relax enough to have more FUN than I ever had before.

Brand New Mindset,
Brand New Mission: You!

My journey is ongoing, but I couldn't be more excited and passionate about sharing this newfound way of living and viewing the world with people - just like YOU - who are sick of the up & down, yo-yo, all-or-nothing dieting bullshit. Isn't it about damn time to be able to live your life, have fun, AND look & feel like an unstoppable badass?!


That's where Headfirst Fitness comes in! I want to show everyone that it is

100% POSSIBLE to live a life that is balanced, fun, social, AND fit & healthy...and

it all starts right between your ears, with a strong, Headfirst mindset.

I'm on a mission to help as many people as possible start

Living Headfirst, so they can have their pizza & be fit, too! 

Great Story, Megs! Now Where's The Podcast?

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